O esquilo que se tornou rosa

A few weeks ago, my son and I discovered a dead baby squirrel in our front yard. We could tell it had only recently died as its body was still soft and warm. Feeling sad we joined our palms and watched our breathing for a moment. I was on my way out but my son told me that he would bury the squirrel. When I returned home I saw a stick with a piece of paper attached to it propped next to one of our rose bushes. I bent down to look at it and on the paper read in my son's careful printing:

Here lays
a small dead squerl
ready to become
a Rose

Ho, M. (1990). Animal Dharma. In Badiner, A. H. (Ed.) Dharma Gaia: A harvest of essays in buddhism and ecology. Berkeley: Parallax Press. (p. 131).
Foto: Rose squirrel, por sbpoet (Flickr).

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